Do you have any seasonal workers, or contractors that you don't expect to be back for a while? Use our new Data Archival feature to hide them from view.

This feature allows you to archive users and contractor companies manually and automatically based on inactivity. We created this feature to help companies clean up their view of Initiafy by giving them the option to hide companies and users that they may not be working with at the moment, but want to retain information for.

Archiving users and companies does not delete any information associated with them, and it does not prevent them from logging into their accounts.

If an archived user or contractor manager logs into their account, the user or company, respectively, will be taken out of the archived state and return to an active state.

How to manually archive users/companies:

When you have the feature enabled on your account, you will see an additional icon in the lists of users and companies, as shown below:

To manually archive a user, click this button and click the Archive button on the confirmation window that pops up.

How to automatically archive users:

To request to set up an auto-archiving system for your account, please get in touch with Initiafy support at [email protected]

Auto-archiving is time based. You can create a system where users are archived if they have been inactive for a certain amount of time (in year and month increments), and keep those users archived for a certain amount of time.

After that time, if the user has not become active again, or if the Company Admin has not manually unarchived the user, the user’s record will be deleted.

How to view archived users/companies:

In the Search Users box above your list of users or companies, there is a checkbox field titled “Include archived users” or “Include archived contractors.” Check this box to show any archived users or contractor companies.

How to unarchive a user/company:

While the “Include archived users” or “Include archived contractors” box is checked, the same button that originally allows you to archive users/companies now is changed to an unarchive user icon, as seen below:

To unarchive a user, click this button and click the Unarchive button on the confirmation window to return them to an active state.

Please note: users/contractor companies can unarchive themselves at any time by logging back into their account.

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