We developed the Contractor Management feature to help company admins distinguish between different contractor companies. It also allows contractors to manage and monitor their workers’ progress. In addition, contractors can easily register and upload documents requested by the main company.

A contractor is added to the platform when a company code is created by the main company admin. The contractor will then receive two emails: 

  • Login details (username and password);
  • Company code (based on payment model and admin approval).

After the contractor logs in and completes registration, the admin needs to review contractor’s registration details and also document uploads. These are 3 statuses:

  • Pending - this is where the documents uploaded by a subcontractor have not yet been reviewed by main company admin;
  • Rejected - documents that have not been accepted based on the expectations/standards set by the main company. For example, a document can be rejected because the picture is not clear. The main company admin would make a note of this and the sub-contractor would receive an email notifying them of rejection reason for documents uploaded.
  • Approved - This is when all uploaded documents meet the requirement of the main company.

Is the payment model important to this process?

If the main company is using the ‘THEY PAY’ model, it means the contractor pays $25 per user in order for them to take their online training. The contractor MUST, therefore, log in and purchase credits. After that, they’ll receive the 2nd email with the company code from Initiafy.

If the main company is using the ‘WE PAY’ model, it means the main company has already paid for users to take their training course. Hence ‘ they won’t be receiving the 2nd email.

But I still have not received company code... 

The company admin can prevent contractors from receiving the 2nd email with the company code. This can happen when the main company admin either rejects or has not yet reviewed contractor registration details or uploads. If a contractor is rejected, they receive an email explaining why they were rejected (e.g. ‘Documents not clear’). If a contractor is approved, they will be notified via email, and the 2nd email will follow with the company code that they can forward to their workers.

Why use the Contractor Management feature?

  • Straightforward and easy to monitor worker’s progress
  • The admin has the option to do a bulk approval or rejection
  • Once rejected, contractors receive an email explaining why they were rejected n by the main company
  • Contractors can manage their workers by assigning courses
  • No more paper clutter!

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