Note: This feature is only available in the UK.

Would you like to verify that your contractors and workers have valid CSCS cards before they arrive at your work site? Initiafy has just introduced a new feature that will allow your workers to verify their CSCS details by having the information they submit be automatically checked against the CITB database.

To turn this feature on your company's account, please reach out to your account manager.

With the feature turned on, you'll be able to create a new custom control for your registration page that validates a user's CSCS card number.

How to add a CSCS question to your registration page:

Navigate to your Custom Fields page (Company Settings > User Registration > Custom Fields). Select CSCS Card from the "Select control type" list and click the Add button.

Name your question in the Control Title field, and click Add.

When you click Add, you should now see a CSCS question in the list. Click Save to save your changes to your registration page.

How your question will appear on the registration page:

When users reach your registration page, they'll see your CSCS card question.

They'll need to enter their CSCS card number and one other piece of identifying information, such as their surname, date of birth, National Insurance Number, or Unique Learner Number.

When they've entered their CSCS card number and one of these pieces of information, they can hit Request. Initiafy will search CITB's database for the user's information.

If there's a match found in the CITB database, Initiafy will present the information to the user. The user then must check at the bottom that they verify that they are the CSCS cardholder.

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