Dynamic Reports are a great way to extract the information you need from Initiafy in an excel sheet in just a few easy steps.

Navigate to the Dynamic Reports tab under reports in your company dashboard and choose the type of report you would like to download.

Reports relate to 3 key aspects of the Initiafy Platform:

  • Users
  • Course Ratings
  • Companies

For a users report, you may wish to download information on documents hosted on the system. By clicking Add Filter you can limit the number of results returned:

For example, the above would download a report of all users whose Welding Certificate has not been archived/replaced with a newer version and is set to expire by the end of 2019.

Downloading a "Users" report, will download the answers to custom registration questions as well as their Name, Number and/or Email, Role, Location and company:

Similarly, the Course Ratings and Companies reports will allow you to filter and extract data on your Learners' feedback and your Contractor Companies' status.

For information on the Companies Report, click here.

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