Would you like to use Initiafy to manage worker behavior on site? This article will introduce you to Initiafy’s newest feature, the Traffic Light System. The Traffic Light System will allow you to track and manage worker behavior on site. This feature also allows Company Admins to add commentary to users’ accounts for the first time.

Like a traffic light, green means go- that a worker is permitted to come on site, amber, or yellow, can indicate that there are some concerns, but the worker is still permitted to come on site, and red means stop- or that a worker is not permitted to come on site. These are just suggested interpretations for these lights; you can decide how your company chooses to interpret the lights.

Traffic Light System Guide

On your Company’s Dashboard, you will find your users’ traffic light status under the Users tab. You can filter for users of different traffic light statuses. If a user has an amber or red light, you can hover over the light to see whether the change was triggered automatically or manually.

To filter through users of different light statuses, toggle the filter on the left above the light symbols.

To see the history of a users' light status, click on the Profile icon (looks like a person) to the left of the Assign button.

There are two different kinds of color changes:

Automated Color Changes:

If an Individual User’s mandatory document (EX. OSHA10 card, driver’s license) expires, the user’s light will automatically be changed to Red. If a Contractor Company’s mandatory document (ex. Insurance documents) expires, all Users under that Contractor Company to be automatically changed to Red. The light will automatically change back to green if a new version with a valid expiry date is uploaded.

Manual Color Changes:

To manually change a user’s traffic light status, click on the icon of a person to the left of the Assign button. Click on Status and Comments, and you can see and write commentary for users, as well as change the user’s traffic light status. You can also leave commentary without changing a user’s traffic light. Click on Load More to view the full history of traffic light changes and commentary for a user.

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