Manage all contractor training in one place with External Courses

The ‘External Courses’ feature was created to record training done offline. Contractor Managers can now record and track mandatory offline training done on site - whether it’s a toolbox talk or a classroom training. A certificate of completion is provided to employees to show their attendance and participation in offline training. Contractor Managers are able to manage both online and offline training in one platform, which reduces paper clutter and helps track and measure employees’ progress.

Some examples of External Courses are:

  • Toolbox talks
  • Off-site training
  • Classroom training

How do I create an external course? 

  1. Go to the ‘Courses’ tab
  2. Select ‘External Course’ from the ‘Course Type’ dropdown
  3. Enter the External Course title
  4. Click ‘Create Course’

Assigning the External Course to users 

Benefits of using the ‘External Course’ feature are: 

  • Having the ability to manage all your employee training both online and offline, in one location
  • Reducing the tedious hours of paperwork
  • Easy access on mobile, tablet or PC

Manage Your Course Assignments with Publishing

Company admins can now change Course Status from “Draft” to “Published” and vice versa. This way all admins can see what courses are incomplete versus the courses that are published and ready to be assigned to users.

Course Status:

 Draft: This icon means the course is not yet published and is unavailable for assignment. You must click the ‘Publish’ button on the ‘Edit Course’ page to publish the course.

 Published: This icon means the course has been published and is now available for assignment.

How Do I Publish a Course? 

To publish a course, simply click on the name of the course you wish to publish and, in the course editor, click "Publish". Once published, the Publish button will turn into Draft:

Remember: Courses in draft mode cannot be assigned, and any that had been assigned, will disappear from your Learner's available course list until it is once again published.

Here are some useful tips before publishing your courses:

  • Ensure grammar and spelling is correct
  • Ensure the information/content is clear
  • Use audio and visuals to enhance the learner’s experience
  • Ensure all chapters and final quiz questions are clear and easily understood
  • Double check your answer sheet
  • Preview the course one last time for errors, formatting and misspelled words

Benefits of using the ‘External Course’ feature are:

  • Visibility for all admins as they can see what courses are ready to be assigned
  • Only published courses can be assigned to users eliminating the problem of assigning incomplete courses
  • You can easily change the Course Status from ‘Published’ to ‘Draft’ if you need to make any changes
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