Managing Licenses on the Initiafy platform

Initiafy has now made it quicker and easier for Company Administrators to manage licenses on the Initiafy platform.

Simply log into with your administrator credentials, and navigate to the Company Settings page by clicking your name in the top right hand corner of the screen.

In the top row, you will see how many licenses have been used and how many are remaining. If your company has multiple platforms on Initiafy you may also see a “License Limit”. If you are concerned that you are nearing the limit of licenses available to you, please contact your Business Development Manager or the Customer Success Team on [email protected]

Under this, you will also see your “License History”. This is how many license packs you have purchased historically. Active license packs are noted by a green circle containing a “tick”. Red circles with an “X” denote inactive, historical license packs. If you are not License Sharing with another platform on Initiafy and are concerned that you will require additional licenses, you can contact your Business Development Manager to discuss additional license requirements.

Lastly, you will be given the option to “Auto-Renew” licenses on an annual basis. Turning this on will ensure all users licenses are automatically renewed once a new licensing pack is added to your account. If you turn on “Apply to Contractors”, all contractor’s licenses will automatically renew when you purchase your next licensing pack. However, if there are no new packs, or the pack has too few licenses, then some auto-renew users will not be renewed.

If this is turned “Off”, unlicensed learners will still be viewable however you will be unable to view their profile page or download their documents. You will either have to manually assign a license to them, or else they will be automatically assigned a license when they

If you run out of licenses on Initiafy or your licenses expire, you will be greeted by the following message. Please contact your Business Development Manager to resume service.

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