• Create an account on (It’s free)
  • Create a folder that you will use for Initiafy Documents
  • Add documents into the folder by dragging and dropping files from your computer or click on “Upload” icon
  • Once the document has been uploaded, right click and select “Share Link”. Then click on “Get Link” (this will copy the link to your clipboard which you will then need to paste into the slide builder on the platform)


  • Go to the platform and open the slide where you wish to add the external document to
  • Type in the name of the policy or “Click Here” etc. and highlight the text
  • Click on a “Link” icon and select “Insert Link”
  • Paste the drop box link into the URL section. Tick the box to “Open Link in a new tab” and click “Insert”
  • It is now a hyperlink.
  • Click “Save”


You can also attach the link to an image.

  • Follow the same steps on Drop Box.
  • Go to the slide builder and add an image.
  • Click on the image and click on “Edit” in the middle of the image
  • Leave the “Title” blank; Paste the Drop Box Link into the URL section; Tick the box to “Open Link in a new tab” and click “Insert”.
  • Users will be able to click on the image and the document will open up in a new window.
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