Adding questions

To add custom controls and questions, click on your name in the top right corner and head to Company Settings. On the left, click on User Registration, and then click on Custom Fields on the top. 

From here, click on the "+ Add" button to add new custom controls.

These may be in the form of:

1) Text field 

Allows users to enter both letters and numbers (Next of Kin details, address etc.)

Has a “help text” feature.

2) Number Field

Limited to numbers only (phone number, bank account number, age etc.)

3) Drop list

Allows drop down options- users can only select one (gender, yes or no type questions, titles etc.)

4) Pick List

Tick boxes- users can select multiple choices (Certificates, qualifications etc.)

5) Date Field

Drop down calendar. (DOB, expiry dates, due to start date etc....)

6) Character boxes

Individual character boxes to gather data accurately (PPSN, OSHA Card number, Bank details etc.) Letters and numbers allowed.

7) Document upload

*One Profile photo per registration page

*Multiple document uploads (CSCS card, OSHA card, copy of driver's license/passport) 

Expiry date is optional. Admins and users will be notified about expiring documents by email.

Every custom control has Dynamic fields (which are dependent on the choices made in the 2 mandatory Auto Assign Lists) that you can choose from. Any of the above custom fields can be shown to users dependent on the choices made in the two mandatory fields, ex. Location and Role. Only need a document uploaded by a particular subset of workers? You can choose to show the field only to people who select the fields you specify.

Editing Questions

To edit a custom control or question, click the green Edit button on the right next to the Delete button. This will bring up a window to allow you to edit the details of the question.

To change the order of questions on your registration page, click and drag the question by the two-sided arrow at the start of the question text.

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