You can save yourself hours of admin time by auto-assigning courses to users based on their location or role! Courses can be automatically assigned on registration, so your users will have them waiting when they finish registering.

Auto-assigning courses on registration

Access your Company Settings by clicking your name in the top right corner of Initiafy. Click on the User Registration section on the right. Under Course Assignments at the bottom of the page, you can create custom course assignments to be assigned to users based on what dropdowns they choose on the registration page. 

For example, based on the course assignments being set in the image above, if a user registers their Location as “New York” and their Role as “Scaffolder,”, they would receive three courses on registration: NYC Visitor Orientation, Scaffolder Orientation, and Contractor Orientation.

If your user changes their role or location on their User Profile, any additional courses they need to complete will automatically be assigned to them - ensuring they show up on-site, ready to work.

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