What is Email Verification and why is it important?

Email verification is a means provided by some companies like Initiafy to ensure that the addresses used as usernames are correct and do belong to their respective users. This is usually done by clicking at a link sent to someone mail box.

It reduces users frustration: in the case that this information is added by another one, it is possible that who has filled the details might have gotten them incorrectly in the first place; besides that, there is also the chance of a typo being written in the registration moment.

The paramount result of having a verified email is that a user can log into the system, even when forgetting the password. This is due to the fact that the address is not only considered valid, but also confirmed to be accessible by the user. Therefore, one can have their details messaged to them and a password reset.

It also prevents the user of missing updates to their account sent by email, such as courses assigned to them and changes to their work status and details. 

Some companies enforce their users on our platform to verify their accounts in order to them being able to take inductions and work at their sites.

How do I verify my email address with Initiafy?

After having succeeded in registering yourself - or being registered by your Contractor Manager -, go to your email inbox and look for a message sent by Initiafy. It will usually have Registration on Initiafy as title and [email protected] (Initiafy Admin) as Sender. Once you find it, click at the Verify my email button or at the link below it.

Remember: if the company which uses the platform have User Verification enforced, you will not be able to take a induction with them until you are verified.

The first time you have successfully completed your user registration, you will go to your User Profile page. If you need to verify your email address, a red message is going to be shown to you on the top of the page, warning you that you still have not verified it and that you can have a new verification link sent to you.

Have you any trouble finding your verification message in your inbox, click at that link so that you have a new one provided.

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