When adding a new Contractor Company, by default, you create a Contractor Manager.

A Contractor Manager receives the company code by email, can add and view users, purchase licenses if required and, if you have Contractor Management enabled, fill in the Contractor Registration form.

You can have as many Contractor Managers as you like but only one of these can be the "Main Contact". Only the main contact can fill in the contractor registration form. Other than that, privileges are the same for Contractor Managers and Contractor Manager Main Contact.

To add a new contractor manager, go to your User List and then Companies List.

Click on the name of the company you would like to update the contractor manager for, and add their details to the Users List as a "Learner". This step is important, as adding them as a Manager or Admin will give them, at minimum, read only access to your entire list of users:

Once added, click on the person icon beside the assign button to bring up the mini profile:

Change the "User Type" to Contractor Manager. If this user is required to complete the Contractor Registration form, click the "Main Contact" button to transfer the rights to them:

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