A common request we receive on support is to move a contractor from one Sub-Contractor company to another or from one sub-contractor company to the parent company.

In order to do this, go to your Self-Registered user list, and find the user you would like to move:

Click on the Person icon beside the Assign button to bring up their Mini-Profile:

Where it says "Company", begin typing the name of the company you would like to move them to. Note: The company must already exist under your Companies List, or begin typing your own company name as it appears on Initiafy to move them to your pre-registered list:

Make sure you set the User Type underneath. 

As a reminder:
Learner's can see only their profile, and courses assigned to them.
Contractor Managers can see the other users in their company.
Contractor Managers who have the Main Contact box clicked, can fill in the Contractor Company Registration form.

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