The easiest way to extract information from the Initiafy Platform is via the Dynamic Reports feature, available to Company Admins. In order to access this feature, go to “Reports” and “Dynamic Reports”:

Set the "Report Type" to "Companies":

Filters can be applied (such as company name, email, etc) as well as more Intiafy specific terminology:

  • RAG Status: Can be set to Red or Green. Downloading a report of “Red” companies, shows whose mandatory documents (such as insurance or Risk Assessments) has expired
  • Contractor Management: This allows you to filter by Approved, Rejected, Pending (Never Responded) and Awaiting Review and relates solely to the Contractor Registration form and uploaded documents.

For example, the below demonstrates a list of all companies who have an expired, mandatory document. Once exported, your will receive an excel sheet that also includes the email address for the Contractor Manager should you wish to follow up with them.

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