Mobile registration on Initiafy

Initiafy’s mobile registration feature will conveniently allow you to register using only your cellphone number. 

It starts with your company code

To register for an Initiafy account, you’ll need your  company code—it’s a custom string of letters and/or numbers that will be handed to you by your employer. If  you haven’t received your company code, reach out to  your employer and notify them. If you have, follow these steps to register:

1 - Access
2 - Enter your company code the left side of the page

3 - Enter your mobile number on the page that follows

4 - A verification code will now be sent to you via text within the next 5 minutes. Note that this code will expire after 10 minutes, at which point you will need to request a new code.

5 - Enter your verification code into the boxes on the registration page.

6 - Continue to the next page and complete your registration. 

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