Company Code

When a contractor company is included into Initiafy, this usually is done with a company code. This code is chosen by the admin of the parent company - the one the worker is providing services for - and is sent to the contractor manager, so that he can have his workers inducted.

This code enables what we call Self-Registration. Going through this process does not require the person having been registered onto the platform before.  Using the company code is the best option when the manager does not know beforehand who are going to work in a particular project or does not know their workers' details.

How to use a company code that was provided to you

  • Go to Initiafy's login page and insert it on the left side of the screen, where it says I HAVE A COMPANY CODE | I need to register. Click on the Register button. 
  • Provide your email address or your mobile number - should the parent company allow using it to register - and hit Next.
  • You need to choose a password for your account and inform your first name, last name and the required information for registering with whom you are providing services for. All the fields outlined in red are mandatory. Once you have filled all the obligatory fields, the Register button will be enabled. Clicking on it will complete your registration and you are going to be automatically assigned the relevant courses to your occupation and location. 
  • You can start the course straight away or return to the system later to do it. In the case of the latter, you shall use the email or phone you have provided, along with your password, on the right side of the login page to access your account.
  • Remember: the Company Code is a means of registration, and not of accessing your account. 

Good luck!

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