Welcome to the Initiafy Courses Quick Start Guide, and we're delighted to begin this journey with you!

To begin creating a course, log in to app.initiafy.com with your administrator details and navigate to the courses tab:

Add the details in the Add course box:


  • A title for your course
  • "Standard Course", External Courses can also be tracked on Initiafy and more information is available here.
  • A "Pass Score" - the most common pass score is 80%, however many companies ask for the full 100%.
  • How many questions you would like to ask your users in the Final Quiz. Initiafy allows you to create more questions than you choose to ask and will randomly assign your required number to your workers - we'll discuss this in more detail later!
  • A validity time frame - presently, we allow courses to be valid from 3 months to 10 years. If you need more options, please speak to a member of the Customer Success team.

Click Create Course and get ready to begin building!

Click on the name of your course to enter the Course Builder. It should look like this:

Create and name your first chapter:

Click this icon to begin building your first slide:

You will be greeted with this template:

You may be familiar with some of the icons along the top. The below image gives a breakdown of what these are:

Some of our favourites are: 

  • Screen Reader Content: this is our "hidden text" feature! When clicked a yellow box will appear, and the screen reader will read whatever is in this box however it won't be visible to your users on screen. Used in conjunction with Insert Image, this can be a great way to talk your users through site maps, technical graphs or tables without cluttering the slide.
  • Insert video: this allows you to stream videos from youtube or vimeo. Adding mixed media allows users to remain engaged throughout your courses. 
  • Insert table: Invisible tables can be a great way to space images and texts. For example, the next image demonstrates how to build out a "heading" for your slides:

Below, is how this appears to your user:

Editing the text colours of your headers is a great way to include company branding. If you don't know the exact shade to use, the Initiafy CSM team generally use https://labs.tineye.com/color/ - by uploading an image of your company logo, you can get the "hex" colour and add this to Initiafy by clicking on the Change Font Colour button, clicking more colours and adding the hex code as highlighted:

As you build out your slides, we recommend breaking them up into logical chapters. For example, these chapters could be on Fire Safety, Working at Heights, Personal Protective Equipment and Environmental Considerations.

At the end of each chapter you can add questions to summarise the users learning. If a user fails these questions they will be brought back to the start of the chapter to repeat them. 

Click this icon to add a chapter question:

Remember, this isn't about catching a user out - it's about ensuring that when they need this information they can recall it!

For the final quiz, you can add as many questions as you like and choose in the Course Editor section how many will be presented to each user taking the course.

For example, if you create 20 questions and set the Questions per quiz to 10, your users will be randomly assigned 10 of the 20 questions.

If any of the questions you have created are mandatory, you can tick this box on the question slide builder to ensure that these questions are always asked:

Once you have completed building your course, you can add audio and preview how it will look to your learners. To add audio, scroll up to the Course Editor section and click the Audio button:

This box should then appear:

Ensure that Use Slide Auto Reader is ticked. You can decide how long a user must stay on a slide before proceeding to the next one - options include a default delay of 5 seconds, then 20% - 100% of the slides content.

Video slides cannot be bypassed until you have watched the entire video.

Please ensure that the language is set to the same language as your slides appear in, as the platform does not automatically translate content.

Once you have chosen your language, choose your Voice. Most languages available on the Initiafy platform offer, at minimum, a male and female option. Clicking the Play button on the Preview line will allow you to test out how the voices sound.

Once you are happy with your choices, click Save

Once again, in the Course Editor section you will be able to Preview the slides. Please note that courses being previewed appear slightly different to how they appear to users - you will see the correct answers to the questions, the auto reader will not auto-play and you will be able to skip through the slides for convenience.

The second button in the Course Editor section will either say Publish or Draft, depending on what state the course is in. Once you are happy with the course, click the Publish button. If the button says Draft, your course is available for assignment. 

There are 3 options for assigning this course:

  • Auto-assigning at registration.
  • Instantly assigning to all current users, or a subset of these users based on your auto-assign rules set up on registration.
  • Finding the user you would like to assign the course to in the Users section, an assigning the course to them manually.

For more information on building courses with Initiafy, check out our FAQs available here: https://help.initiafy.com/i-am-creating-a-course

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