What is Initiafy?

Initiafy is an online contractor management platform that will help you manage the safety documents and certifications of your subcontractors and their employees, as well as assigning training to them.

As a company admin, you will have full access to your company’s platform. This quick start guide will cover how you'll be adding users, editing course content and a lot more.

The Admin Dashboard
You'll be greeted by this screen upon logging into your account. Here you'll find a chart displaying course activity on a monthly basis, as well as your companies remaining license balance to the right. You'll also find a few download buttons to the bottom right. 

From here, click the Users tab to get to the screen below.

There are three sub-tabs under the Users tab:

  • Pre-registration - This is a list of users who were added to the platform manually.
  • Self-registration - Here you'll find a list of all of the users who registered using a company code.
  • Companies - Here you'll find a list of your subcontractor companies and their company codes.

Manually adding users to the platform (Pre-registration)
Users who are added to the platform manually can be found under the pre-registration tab. To add additional admins to the platform, click Users > Pre-registration and enter their information in the Add User section. 

As a company admin, you will be able to add other admins to the system, as well as managers and learners. Let's have a quick look at the different user roles on the Initiafy platform. 

Initiafy user roles
There are four user roles on the Initiafy platform: Company Admins (yourself), Managers, Learners and Contractor Managers. 

Company Admins: Company Admins have the highest access level and can add/delete user data, as well as edit course material.

Managers: Managers have access to a lot of the same data that company admins do and while they are able to create user and subcontractor accounts, they are are not able to delete user data or edit course material.

Learners: Learners will most likely make up the bulk of your user base. Think of a learner as the end user who needs to take their training. This may be a member of staff at your company or, more often than not, one of your subcontractor's employees. Learners can self-register for accounts, as well as complete their training on and upload documents.

Contractor Managers: Contractor Managers are the administrators of a specific subcontractor account and are only able to manage users who work for their company.

How do I assign training to someone?
To assign training to a user, click Users > Pre-registration/Self-registration and search for the user using their name or email. Next, click the Assign button next to the user's name. After that, select the training you would like to assign to them as well as a due date and click the second assign button.

How do I add my subcontractor companies to the platform?
To add a subcontractor company to the Initiafy platform, click Users > Companies and fill out the Add Contractor section of the page. Once a company is added to the platform, the main contact for that company will receive an email from Initiafy with their username, password and company code. 

What is a company code?
A company code is a custom string of letters and/or numbers that represents a specific subcontractor account in the Initiafy platform. Your subcontractors will share this code with their employees so they can self-register their account on the platform and begin their training. 

How do I add a course to Initiafy?

To begin, click the Courses tab. Here you will see a list of all of the courses you currently have on the platform. To add a new course, fill out the Add Course section of the page.

Once you've done that, click into the course you've just added to open up the course builder. This is a slide based interface that will make it very easy to build out your courses slide by slide. To begin, create a chapter under the Create Chapter section.

Now we may begin adding slides to our chapter by clicking the Add Slide button.

This will bring up the WYSIWYG editor for that particular slide 

Build your slide by adding in a heading, followed by your text and images. 

Auto reader
Initiafy's audio reader will  automatically read out any live text on the slide. To turn the audio reader on your courses, click the Audio button to the right of the page and select your delay, language and a voice.

Note: Selecting a language from the audio reader will not translate the content to the language, but will allow the audio reader to read it out with the correct pronunciation and grammar. Your content will still need to be translated in your target language before selecting that language for the audio reader.

Adding quiz questions to a course

Adding in-chapter quiz questions : In-chapter quiz questions are an excellent way to help keep users alert and attentive while they progress through their course. To add an in-chapter quiz question, click the question mark icon on that specific chapter

You'll receive a popup once you've clicked that button. You can now add in your question, along with its multiple choice answers.

Adding in final quiz questions

In addition to in-chapter questions, its a good idea to create a final quiz that users will be presented with when they make it to the end of their training. The score a user receives on this quiz will lend to their pass score and failing this final quiz will result in a user being sent back to the beginning of the course. To add final quiz questions, click the question mark icon in the Final Quiz section of their course.

Company settings
The company settings page will allow you to setup a lot of the rules and processes that take place in the background to ensure your platform runs as smoothly as possible. Here we can tell the system to automatically assign training to certain users, as well as create and edit the registration page that users will go through. 

Auto Assign rules

Auto-assign rules will allow the Initiafy system to automatically assign training to new users who register on to the system. To set an auto-assign rule, click top-right drop-down next your name and click the "Company Settings" tab, from there, click the User Registration button off to the left. 

Here you can set rules to alert the system to automatically assign a course a to a user who registers under certain criteria, like a certain location or with a certain preferred language.

Customizing the registration page
Initiafy will allow you to fully customize the registration page users go through when they use their company code. To customize your registration page. click the Custom Fields tab under User Registration.  

Let us now create a sample registration page. Our registration page will capture first and last name information, as well as a phone number, one mandatory document and one safety document. 

There are 7 different field types we can use :

  • Text
  • Number
  • Drop List
  • Pick List
  • Date
  • Character Boxes 
  • Upload

We will begin with the First Name Field. Click Control Type and select Text. 

Lets do that again and name the second field Last Name. We'll also ask users for their mobile numbers on this page. To do this, we'll click the Control Type and select Number. 

Let's now add two safety document uploads to the page. The first one will be mandatory, which means that a user will not be able to register without uploading the document in question. To make sure its mandatory, leave the mandatory checkbox at the bottom right of the control type dialogue box checked. Let's title this document Construction Safety Document. 

As you'll notice from the image above, Initiafy is also able to capture expiration dates for various user documents, which will allow the system to flag that document for expiration 6 weeks prior to it going out of date. Click the Add button to create the upload field. 

To add our second document to the page, add in another Upload Control Type and uncheck the mandatory box. Leave the expiration date field unchecked as well. 

You'll find two more tabs under the User Registration tab :

Additional Documents: Here you can add in any additional documents that you want to give your users the chance to upload after they've already registered

Terms of Use : Here you can add in any legalese like End User agreements. 

Assigning Refresher Courses to users

The Reminders and Refreshers feature found on the company settings page will allow you to re-assign courses to a user after they've expired. From the company settings page, click Reminders and Refreshers, then click Refreshers. Here you will be able to select the course you'd like to re-assign once a course expires. You're then able to set when and how frequently you'd want to remind a user to take their training by clicking the refreshers tab.

Email notifications tab

The email notifications feature will allow you to sign up for weekly reports on course activity. To get there, click Email Notifications under the Company Settings tab. Now enter your email address into the "default email address" and "email address for weekly report" fields.

Additional tips and tricks

Useful Documents : The useful documents feature will allow you to upload sitewide documents for all users on the platform. Its a good idea to upload anything users would need ongoing, reference access to as a useful document so that a user may download it at any time. To upload a useful document, click the top-right drop-down arrow next to your name and click User profile. From there, click the Useful Documents tab and click the upload button. Choose your file and upload it.

Deleting Courses from a user profile

To delete a course from a user profile go to reports > Self-registered courses/Pre-registered courses (depending on how the user registered) and then search the user. Once you've found them, locate the course you would like to remove and click the trash icon off to the right

Forgot Password Tool

To reset either your password or that of a user, access the Initiafy Forgot Password tool at https://app.initiafy.com/en/Account/ResetPassword and enter in the email address of the user in question. This will send  a password reset email to the user.

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