Inviting people colleagues and direct reports to GoContractor is easy - the tricky part is determining what type of invite best suits your them! This article will demonstrate how to add people to your platform, followed by a breakdown of the four standard invites built in to your project. 

Sending an Invite

From your admin portal, navigate to Users under Invitations on the left-hand side:

Click the blue + Invite button:

You will then be asked to choose an invitation profile, an outline of what these invitation types mean is listed in the second half of this article:

Select the most appropriate role/description and click next. You can then enter the email addresses for the people you would like to invite:

Click Send to send your invitations. These invitations will now be visible in your user's list under Invitations as "pending", and will change to Accepted when the user logs in:

What do the different invitation profiles mean?

There are four types of GoContractor Invitation Profiles:

  • Admins
  • Worker Group Admins
  • Managers
  • Workers

Admins can create qualifications and courses, create workergroups, edit the project name and company logo and add, edit and delete other users!

We recommend keeping your Admins to a small number of trustworthy individuals who are trained on both GoContractor as a system and your internal procedures.

Worker Group Admins can do all of the same things as an Admin but can only impact their worker groups. For example, if you have a number of projects in the United States you may let a worker group admin control and edit what is required for all projects in New York City. Likewise, a different worker group admin may be able to change the requirements for all Chigaco based projects.

The managers access is configurable but is generally used as a "read only" role. This role can view workers and companies that have been added by administrators to ensure that those coming onsite have completed all mandatory requirements - such as courses, text fields and document uploads! We see this being commonly used to give access to site managers and security personnel, as well as medical staff if you are collecting information such as allergies, pre-existing conditions and emergency contact information.

Workers only have access to their own profile and can complete courses, requirements and qualifications for any worker group specified in their invitation.

Customer Internal invitations can also be created - these can give workers, worker group admins and managers access to a subset of worker groups restricting how much data they have access to.

Note - most companies will only use Admins, Workers and Manager profiles. Your GoContractor Contact and [email protected] can help you determine what are the right roles for each user.

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