As an Admin on the GoContractor platform you can view all invitations sent to users to work on your project, both sent by you as the General Contractor and by your sub-contractor admins, by clicking into Users under Invitations.

On the left-hand side, you will see a status column:

Below is an outline of what these statuses mean:

Pending this is an invite that has been sent to a worker, admin or manager that has not yet been accepted.

Accepted this user has logged in and accepted their invitation. They can now complete their orientation

Declined this user has declined their invitation - however, you can renew the invitation by clicking on the 3 dots under Actions

Withdrawn this user's invitation has been withdrawn by an administrator or manager. They can no longer update their qualification for your project and they will not appear in the worker group list. You can renew this invitation by clicking on the 3 dots under Actions.

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