What is the CIF's COVID-19 Online Induction Code?

The code is CIF-C19.
You can also access this training or add it to your profile through this link.

How do I change the picture on my card?

Click the little arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner, and choose My Settings. Changing your profile picture will change your card image in real time!

I already have a GoContractor account, how do I complete the COVID-19 induction?

Click the arrow in the top right hand corner and choose My Invitations.

At the end of the page you will see a box to enter the invite code.

The course is in the wrong language!

On your profile, press + Qualification and choose the language you were looking for.

For English, choose CIF Online C19 Induction. Clicking the 3 dots next to Fix Now will allow you to remove the incorrect language.

I need to register, how do I do that?

Please register at https://id.gocontractor.com/register - once you have confirmed your email and/or phone number enter the invite code CIF-C19.

I cannot find my Card on the portal

Message support with your surname and code and a member of the team will check to ensure you are appearing ok! We are usually available 8am - 10pm on weekdays. If you can see your card on your qualification page, or if you have received it by email, it may just be a compatibility issue we can address!
You can also log in and click in the card icon, the icon will only appear if you have successfully completed the programme.

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