As a GoContractor administrator, you will have access to run reports that are available for you and any other administrators to access. We have provided a list of key report types based on customer feedback to help track and receive updates on current projects and user statuses.

To access Reports:

  1. Log-in to

  2. Select 'Reports' on the left side menu options

Types of Reports:

  • Course Ratings - This report will tell you when a user rated a completed course. This is a great way to learn if there are improvements to the course that would be helpful to all users. This report is filterable by Course, Name of the user that took the course, or rating value.

  • Sensitive Fields - This report will tell you when an internal admin requests access to specific sensitive data about a user's qualification like date of birth or address for example. This report is filterable by a specific sensitive field or the admin that request to see the users entry

  • Dynamic Reports - Allows users to download pre-defined reports. Available reporting options are based on the account and project level access to specific features or user data.

Dynamic Reports is the best way to capture all data related to your user's or orientation activity. These reports are currently for the lifetime of the account and should be filtered once downloaded to best meet your needs.

Some reports you will find under Dynamic Reports are:

  • User Qualifications

  • Subcontractor Qualifications

  • Contractor Qualifications

  • Course Ratings

  • Unqualified Users

  • Currently on-site

  • Site attendance

  • User Data

  • Qualified user Summary

  • Checklist Log

  • Course History

  • and more

Report Availability

All reports are available for 24 hours once generated.

Some reports are available based on the features and use case of each account. We continue to make updates for additional reporting options and filters. If you have any trouble with Dynamic Reports please contact our support team for assistance.

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