Roles in GoContractor allow administrators to give access to users based on the duties or tasks that need to be performed by another user. It is important to understand all roles before generating invites as this user may or may not have the proper access to complete their task or have too much access.

Types of users in GoContractor

  • General Contractor Administrator or Manager: This categorization of users refers to a party with the responsibility to oversee a construction project and who enters into the prime contract with the property or project owner. The general contractor is always going to be a direct contractor to the owner.

  • Subcontractor Administrator or Manager: A subcontractor is a company or person providing labor or services that do not have a direct contract with the property or project owner. This company is traditionally hired by the general contractor.

  • Worker: A worker is an individual who performs work on a project. This user will normally report to a subcontractor, but can also report directly to a general contractor in the case of a “self-performing” general contractor user.

GoContractor Roles

  • Administrator (Admin): This role is designated for General Contractor Admins who will have access to all workgroups and users under the GoContractor account. This user can edit, add, and remove content or users at any time. This user will also have access to reports and notifications related to activity in the GoContractor account they are assigned to.

  • Manager: This role is for viewing purposes only. Managers can access accounts and see data about user completions of courses or qualifications. Best for users confirming qualifications for worksite access or approvals.

  • WorkGroup Admin: An Administrator can give a user Workgroup Admin access to one or more workgroups generally assigned to a subcontractor. This will give the user access to all users and course data within that workgroup to view data for a specific workgroup.

  • Worker: A worker role will have access to any workgroup qualifications and course requirements assigned to them by an Administrator or Workgroup Admin generally associated with a General Contractor Administrator or Subcontractor Administrator

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