As an administrator, you may find the need to run a report of all users you have invited to a project so that you can see all course history and the status of those courses for your users. This will give you a quick way to see which users have completed all course work and which ones have not.


You must be a Project level administrator to run this report.

To access this report as an admin:

  1. Log in to

  2. From the left side, menu scroll down to Reports > Dynamic Reports

  3. Click the +Report button

  4. Select the Report Type at the very bottom "Course History"

  5. We will email you when your report is ready, or you can come back later and download it.

  6. Reports are available for 24 hours. Then the will need to be re-run

Please note: Depending on the size of your users and the number of courses to report on. This report can take some time to load.

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