If you have been invited as a work to join a project and complete an orientation/induction, you will have received an invite link attached in an email from [email protected]

The link that appears in the email is specific to your invitation and should only be used once during the registration of your account.

Once you have registered your account you will have access to the orientation/induction process which will provide you with access to view and complete any qualifications needed prior to accessing the worksite.

I don't have an invite email:

You can confirm if you have an invite pending through our manual login method.

  1. Go to app.gocontractor.com

  2. Click the login link

  3. Select the Project you are looking to accept or enter the invitation code you have at that time to accept access to a new project. This will be found at the bottom of the screen.

I'm still having issues logging in:

If you believe you have already registered but are having trouble access your account. You need to reset your password.

  1. Please go to app.gocontractor.com and click login at the bottom of the form you see

  2. "Forgot Password" or reach out to your administrator to confirm the email or phone number used to register with.

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