Sensitive fields are a feature that can be used when GoContractor users are providing confidential information such as emergency contact details. These fields are of restricted viewing and any admins that have viewed this sensitive information will be tracked for the time of viewing, date, etc.

A sensitive field will not be shown to users unless requested. Each request is logged and can be inspected by an admin.

To set up a sensitive field:

  1. Select “Setup” on the left-hand side of the GoContractor page

  2. From the drop-down menu select “User qualifications”

  3. Then select “+ Qualifications”

  4. Next, select the “+” on the Library tab

  5. In this example, we will use the option of “Upload” (Select relevant choice for you)

  6. Next fill out all mandatory fields marked with * and any other relevant information, such as:

    1. How long the course is valid for The reasons for keeping the worker's data.

    2. How long it will be retained for when they are no longer using the platform

  7. You can then chose if admin approval is needed on this course.

  8. Finally and most importantly for this article, you can select “Sensitive field” and who can fill it out from the options listed - Worker, Subcontractor admins, or General Contractor admin.

  9. Next, you can save this course by selecting “Save to Library” and you have created a required document to upload containing a sensitive field!

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