As an administrator using the GoContractor QR code stickers to allow workers to check in/out from your work site. Assigning a GC sticker to a worker is a great way to enable workers to manage their time on the job quickly while also giving administrators access to logs of workers' time on site.

*Please reach out to your Account Manager if you would like to use GoContractor stickers or have any integration questions about access control.


  • All workers are invited and registered on GoContractor for your project.

  • Ensure you have an administrator who is available for any new registration or updates on site.

  • Have a tablet or PC with a camera that you can access GoContrator from, as an admin, for initial sticker registration for new workers not previously registered with a GoContractor sticker.

Assign Sticker to Worker:

  1. Go to and sign in.

  2. Select the project you and the worker are assigned to.

  3. Go to Find User > Search the user's Name, Email, or Phone Number they registered with.

  4. One in their profile, select the Add Sticker > This will load the camera on your device.

  5. Move the physical sticker up to the camera and the system will capture the sticker QR code. Done!

  6. Give the sticker to the worker to place on their hard hat or on an item that they will always have with them for everyone's project or worksite.

Check-in Worker via GoContractor (Integrated Access Control QRcode scanner):

If your GoContractor account and access control system is already integrated with GoContractor. Once the initial sticker registration is complete for the worker.

  • Have the worker scan their QRcode at the device for check-in and check-out.

  • As long as the worker has successfully completed all of their orientation/inductions they will check-in without issues. **If the worker has not completed the course requirements their check-in scan will fail until the qualifications for the project are complete.

Don't have an Integration but still want to use the GoContractor stickers!

Register the users with the stickers in the same process above. However, a GoContractor administrator will need to maintain a device that is logged in as an admin in GoContractor to allow workers to scan their sticker or profile QRcode and check themselves in by clicking *check-in/out on their GoContractor profile.

  1. Go to

  2. Select the project you and the worker are on

  3. Go to "Find User" > Scan QR Code

  4. Have the worker scan their registered GoContractor sticker OR the profile QRcode in GoContractor, whichever the worker has readily available. This will then take you to the workers' profile.

  5. Click the Check-in/Check-out button.

Important: The check-in process may vary based on the site implementation of check-ins/outs. Please document your process so that all admins understand what to do next and confirm the process is valid before proceeding. GoContractor will not have this information should a worker reach out to support.

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