There may be times when a user has completed a course but the user profile still says they are incomplete. There are a few things to consider when working on course completion.

  1. Is the user signed up to complete more than one course?

  2. Did the user complete the course but not the qualification requirements related to that orientation/induction?

  3. Is the worker under a subcontractor that has qualification requirements that must be completed or updated for all user qualifications to be complete?

These are all reasons why a user will show as incomplete on their profile.

  • If the user has additional courses or qualifications to take, please have the user take those courses to see a fully completed profile. You can do this by clicking the "View/Edit" option in your profile and scrolling down the left-side menu to see if anything was missed.

  • Review all orientation/induction requirements to ensure all data has been entered for the orientation/induction to be complete.

  • As a user or an admin, you may "withdrawal" your access to a course at anytime prior to completing it. This will be available next to the orientation/induction name under the three dots.

  • Lastly, and in many cases, a General Contractor admin has made a requirement that a Subcontractor qualification requirements must be current and complete for any of their worker's qualifications to be fully complete as well. If you are the subcontractor admin please check your qualifications to ensure everything is current or reach out to your General Contractor Gocontractor admin for assistance.

If none of these options seem to resolve your issue. Please reach out to our support team for further review.

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