As a General Contractor administrator you may have workers that have done courses in person or maybe in a different location and need to be verified in GoContractor as "Passed/Complete" you can do so on their course details page. This change doesn’t mean the user took the course in GoContractor and will not generate a certificate. It simply means the admin vouches for the worker as completing and understanding the importance of the course requirements and allows the user profile in the GoContractor platform to be "green" to go on a job site.

*If you do not see the option below under the user's course. Please reach out to your account manager or our support team to activate this feature.

Set a user's course to PASSED!

  1. Go to

  2. Invitations > Users

  3. Search the user

  4. Click through to the user's profile where the incomplete course is.

  5. Click View/Edit

  6. You should be presented with a screen that has a few options.

  7. One of the options is "Mark as Passed"

  • We will not generate a certificate for that worker.

  • If this was done in error you may hit the course reset option. The user can then take the course at that time.

  • If there are user qualifications as part of the users' orientation, those items will need to be filled in to be fully complete. This feature is only for courses, not qualifications.

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