This article is for accounts where Procore user mapping is complete and Admins need to ensure that the proper qualifications are set to map users to Procore. Please review the steps below and reach out to support if you have any questions.

Invite the user

  1. Invite the user as you normally would any other worker to a project.

  2. Once the user has accepted the invite you will need to go in and update their Procore mapping.

Update Procore Mapping.

  1. Go to Invitations > Users > Search the user you need to map or confirm mapping for.

  2. Click "View/Edit" under the user qualification

  3. Scroll down to "Procore Integration mapping Type" & "Shift Time"

  4. Select the Worker or User option based on the need of the user and your companies process for this mapping

  5. Select the available Shift time for check-in.

Please note: This integration is set and completed with the GC for the account. Any changes or updates to the integration will need to be reviewed and they will need to reach out to GoContractor for updates.

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