As an administrator, you may have users that are no longer on the project or at your company and you would like to have their email or profile access removed so they can no longer interact with your GoContractor project.

As some users may be involved with several projects at several different levels and locations. GoContractor uses a feature called 'withdraw'. This allows an admin to withdraw a user's invitation to access the project you are administrating.

Once a user is withdrawn:

  • They will no longer have access to your project

  • They will still have access to log into GoContractor but will not see your project or any other projects if they are the only one.

  • If the user is not invited to another project within 28 days from the withdrawn status. The user's account will be deleted.

  • In this time the user can be renewed giving them access to the project again

How do I withdraw a user?

  1. Please navigate to Invitations > User

  2. Search the user(s) you would like to withdraw from your project or account

  3. Click the three vertical ellipses ⋮ at the end of the user's profile in the profile list.

  4. Click the 🛇 Withdraw option

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