When a GoContractor administrator creates a course they have the ability to require that the identity feature be turned on during the course portion of specific training, orientations, or inductions. This helps to ensure that the person that took the training is the same person being qualified for their orientations.

When you first access a course you will be prompted that your device must access your camera. Some devices may have set permissions that do not or have not allowed or enabled camera access to your web browser or mobile app.

Device types:

Why is my camera showing a black preview?

  • Your camera may be hidden or obstructed by something

  • Your camera is not enabled (see above)

  • Your physical device (Computer, mobile, tablet) is blocking access to the camera or the drivers required to access the camera. please contact your device support team.

Note: As Gocontractor does not maintain or configure your camera permission or security. We kindly ask that you reach out to your device manufactures support website if you experience issues enabling or previewing your camera activity during this process. If you have taken a course and your camera was not able to capture your image during the course. You may be required to take the course again.

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