As a new or existing GoContractor Administrator looking to set up your online orientation/inductions, this series will help walk you through the stages of getting a new project set up on GoContractor. We have created this four-part guide to getting a new project up and running.

Prerequisites to Getting Started:

  • Make sure you are an Administrator under the general contractor account level. If you are not the administrator, you will need the contact one to make these changes or have your permissions updated.

  • Have all of your course materials and approved content requirements ready. GoContractor does not provide customization to PowerPoints or videos and must be in the final state during uploads.

  • Only invite other administrators who you trust to perform and manage the same actions and content described below.

Please review the below articles in order. Once completed, you should invite subcontractors to the project and provide them with details on how to invite workers. *Be sure to share the relevant subcontractor articles with your subcontractors.

Important: These setups need to be done on a desktop device for proper results and functionality.


  1. Create your Project Worker Groups - Getting Started Part 1

    • Setting up your project by region or location is the best way to keep your projects and teams organized. It's best to create a structure that all internal admins can follow.

    • Try to start with a region and then nest a workgroup as the project name itself.

  2. Create a Course - Getting Started Part 2

    • Create as many courses as you need for orientation/induction or maybe a few different orientations/induction for future projects or worksites. A single course can be shared between multiple projects, so you do not have to create them twice.

    • GoContractor supports PowerPoints, Videos, and text-based content. All content must be in a supported format and its final state before uploading.

    • GoContractor can translate system default text. If you have a translated version of your presentation data, make sure you create a duplicate course for the language and make the edits in that presentation as GoContractor can not translate content uploaded in a different language.

  3. Create & Assign your Qualifications to a Project - Getting Started Part 3

    • If there are any pieces of user information or subcontractor requirements you need to gather about individual users. This is the place where it is created.

    • Date of Birth, SST, OSHA, Certifications, or specific documentation required otherwise not listed.

    • Once you have all this you can link the course you created in Part 2 in this same step.

    • Once all information is completed by the user. They will be flagged as complete and should be allowed to access the worksite.

  4. Invite your Subcontractors - Getting Started Part 4

    • At this point, you can invite your subcontractor administrators. This should be the person that controls who comes on the site and gets the worker qualified.

    • As a general contractor, it is your duty to ensure you educate the Subcontractor on the use of GoContractor. They will also have support from our team as well.

    • This article will describe everything the subcontractor needs to know about inviting works and purchasing licenses.

*Other articles that you may find useful as an administrator

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