As part of the first step in setting up a GoContractor account successfully, you may want to consider how your organization is structured. This will allow you to organize your projects in a way that will make sense to your team, and allow them to quickly find where everything is, and invite users to the correct projects, regions, or divisions. As GoContractor is designed to help companies manage projects in the general contractor space, it may be best to think of how your projects would be organized to be found in a folder tree.

If you have projects in multiple regions or recurring projects in the same location. You may want to organize your projects by region or location.

Some key things to keep in mind when building your first Project are:

  1. When you or other administrators review the workgroups listed in GoContractor. What is the first list of information you want that administrator to see?

  2. Workgroups creation should not be used for languages or internal team names. Instead, you can use regions or locations or just the project name itself.

  3. Stay consistent with your structure. Once you lose track of how you organize your projects it can be fairly confusing to find things.

In the example below, we have set up a demo company to show you how we recommend getting started with the project creation.

Video [3:02]

Creating your Workgroups

  1. By now you should have accepted your invitation to your companies GoContractor account.

  2. Click Settings -> Worker Groups

  3. Click the + button on the right side to designate the location of your project.

  4. Now click the + button again on the location you just created.

  5. Type the name of the project you would like to create.

Part 2: Create a Course

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