As a subcontractor administrator, you will need a simple way to invite workers to GoContractor. In the example below, we have invited a user via email to show the simple steps to complete the invite for one or more workers you need to add to your GoContractor qualifications.

Note: Your ability to invite new workers is restricted by your license limits set by the General Contractor. If you are responsible to pay for licenses before a worker can accept their invite. Workers will receive an error during the acceptance process for registration into GoContractor if there are not enough licenses. Please see Purchase additional worker licenses.

Email Invite:

  1. Click Invitations -> User tab on the left-hand side of the GoContractor page.

  2. Click +Invite

  3. Enter the emails of the works and click next.

  4. Verify everything on the invite looks right and click Send.

  5. The worker's invite will remain Pending for up to 28 days until they accept the invitation. After which point their account will be removed and a new invitation will need to be created.


Alternative options are:

  • Send your own email with the GoContractor url and request the user Sign-Up and enter the code you see under Invitations -> Sent for the worker role -> Invite Code

  • If you would like to send them a direct link to the invitation, you can send them the Invite link to share by going to Invitations -> Sent for the worker role. Click anywhere on the invite (just not on the code this is to edit the code and consent). Copy the Link to Share and send this to the worker directly.

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