Inviting subcontractors to your project is key in getting workers in the door and on the worksite. It's important the subcontractors are properly trained on what GoContractor is and how they are expected to use GoContractor before or during the invite process. This will ensure that there is no confusion about how to add workers and manage their accounts.

The Sent section is all invitations that have been sent or can be sent to a subcontractor or company admin that will provide workers user.

Some key things to keep in mind when inviting subcontractors:

  1. You should have already set up your project and orientation/induction assignments from Part 3: Create & Assign your Qualifications to a Project and are ready to start inviting Subcontractors and their workers.

  2. As you gather the subcontractors that will be on each project. Be sure to request one designated administrator for each subcontractor's company account. Currently, we allow one subcontractor administrator per company.

  3. GoContractor does not offer subcontractor training. It's important you provide the list of below subcontractor reference articles to your subcontractors so subcontractors understand exactly what to do next. It will also be best to provide them with the General Contractor admin contact in the event they have questions about qualifications included in the orientation/induction.

In the example below, we have set up a demo subcontractor company to walk through the invitation process and what the process will look like once they accept.

Video [06:27]

Inviting your Subcontractor

  1. Click Invitations -> Sent tab on the left-hand side of the GoContractor page.

    • You will see a default list of default invitations for the highest account level Workgroup. You can keep these invites as they are. You will only use this for internal users that need admin or manager access to all content in your account. Learn more on Roles.

  2. Click +Invitations

  3. Click Enter an email to invite a new subcontractor

  4. Enter the email address and the company name of the subcontractor that will be administrating workers in the associated project.

    • A subcontractor may already be working on other projects within GoContractor. When inviting the subcontractor by email, we repopulate the company information so it's the same across all projects the subcontractor is working on. It's okay if it does not match exactly with the company name you have been provided.

  5. Next, choose an Invitation code, this code can be anything you want however, it can not repeat another code in GoContractor and should be Alpha-numeric characters only. We recommend using something relative to the company name.

  6. You can then choose how many workers the subcontractor can provide to the project. This can be a specific number if you have space limits or an unlimited amount if this does not matter.

  7. You can then choose how subcontractor licenses are you willing to pay for.

    • If you choose Unlimited, a subcontractor can add an unlimited number of workers that will come from the General Contractor licenses pack.

    • If you choose a number, a subcontractor can add a set number of workers that will come from the General Contractor licenses pack after which the subcontractor will need to pay for licenses.

    • If you choose Zero, a subcontractor is responsible for all worker licenses at the same cost as the general contractor.

  8. The next page outlines the details of the invitation to review before you select “Send” that emails the new main subcontractor contact.

  9. If successful “Invitation sent!” will appear on the bottom left-hand side of the screen and should be in the new subcontractor's main contact email inbox.

Subcontractor Reference Articles (Share with all your subcontractors)

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