There may be times when you need to add additional qualifications to a project for a user to choose from. You may title your qualifications based on who is on-site or what information they need to complete. In any case, this article should help you achieve this.

Creating your Orientation/Induction Qualifications

  1. By now you should have a project created.

  2. Click Set-up -> User or Subcontractor Qualifications

  3. Click the + Qualification on the page to generate a template to get started.

  4. The qualification settings to consider are:

    • Qualification Title: This is the title of your qualification that the end-user will see when they are invited to take the specific project qualifications.

    • Description: This is field can be to describe any key details about the orientation/induction that might otherwise be unclear if there is more than one qualification to choose from.

    • Library Defaults: We have created a few fields based on customer feedback that will be available by default. You can select and modify the settings of those fields as needed.

    • Add Fields to Library: If there is a field you need that you can not find by searching the existing library. You can create and add the field to your library. Fields types offered: Text, Number, Date, Multiple Choice, Single Choice, CITB Card, Character boxes, Agreements, file uploads, Course, Offline Courses

  5. Drag the existing or new field(s) from the left side library to the form on the right side.

  6. Scroll to the button a click finish

  7. Optional features:

    1. Add Sections: Adding a section to divide your orientation into organized parts based on the material like your Course and Worker Data for example.

    2. Notify Unqualified Users: This button is great after you have invited subcontractors and their workers to GoContractor. If you make a change to the course or want to make sure all workers who have not completed the orientation/induction are notified to continue their orientation/induction.

    3. Preview: You can preview the orientation form fields to see what they would look like to the user or worker.

Assigning the Qualification to a Project:

  1. By now you should have one or more projects created.

  2. Click Set-up -> Worker Groups.

  3. Click the project name or click the wrench Setup button to the far right of the Project Name.

  4. Click + Apply Qualifications.

  5. You will be taken to a screen where you can:

    • Search: Search for previously created qualifications from the last step if you have more than one or two created so far that you would like to associate.

    • Require users to complete one or more additional qualifications: If you have multiple qualifications and have a combination of required and optional qualifications based on region or language, you can select this option then select all the qualifications that should be visible to all workers assigned to this project. **Make sure your qualification is clear to the worker which course applies to them so they do not take the wrong one. You may leave this all optional but the user will need to select one during their invitation.

    • Mandatory: This means that the course you have selected is mandatory for all workers invited to take the orientation/induction for the project.

    • Display Name: The display name is a great way to display the Orientation title alongside some unique identifier for the worker to see. The display would look like: Qualification Title [Display Name].

  6. Select the checkbox for the qualification you would like to add then click + Add to Workgroup.

You may visit a related video on getting started with adding qualifications.

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